Thoroughbreds – streaming review

There are films that aren’t much of a story and still leave a certain impression. The same applies to Thoroughbreds where two teenage girls, each with a specific personality disorder, come up with a plan to kill someone.

The two haven’t seen each other for a long time – an eternity in which much has changed. One grew up in a rich family while the other knew a past in which the killing of her own horse played an important role. But despite the contradictions, the old friendship bond is restored. And before they know it, they’re planning a murder together. Strange but true. Although it’s about a murder, it’s actually a funny and comic film. Especially because of the fascinating conversations full of dry, nonchalant humor. Sometimes it seems like the two young girls are totally insensitive people. Which is applicable to one of them.

The two main roles are played by two young actresses whose earlier performances I could appreciate. Anya Taylor-Joy, who takes the role of Lily, has a unique look with those big Bambi eyes. Olivia Cooke, on the other hand, is more the clichéd image of the beautiful girl-next-door. Maybe that’s why Anya Taylor-Joy appeared in movies like The Witch and Split, which I enjoyed. Although I was kind of disappointed with The Witch, it wasn’t because of the acting. I was expecting more of a horror instead of a medieval drama.

Olivia Cooke’s acting was breathtaking and extraordinary in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl; a film that’s difficult to surpass. Even though her acting in The Signal and Ready Player One (although the emphasis was on the visual part) wasn’t so bad, the quoted film really stands out. But what she shows in Thoroughbreds as the apathetic Amanda, can compete with it. This was an enjoyment from start to finish. The way she plays Amanda is truly magnificent. And even though this film is meant to be deadly serious, her attitude will unintentionally cause comical situations.

Thoroughbreds is difficult to pin down to a specific genre. Yes, it’s indeed a crime film about two eccentric girls who are brooding on a devilish plan. And yes, there’s also that comical approach through the behavior of the two ladies and the way they interact with each other. And wait till you see the unexpected ending which makes it all seem sinister. But if you think about it longer, you’ll agree it’s a logical outcome. Thoroughbreds is not exactly an easy movie in terms of genre. It is a fascinating film with the emphasis on the character and psyche of the protagonists. The fact that an intriguing and ingenious twist has been given to it only makes it more interesting.

So if you like a well thought-out story that isn’t simply crafted up, then you should definitely give this film a chance. And besides that, you can also enjoy Anton Yelchin, who unfortunately died in a sad accident, once more. But most of all, it’s the literate jousting that takes place between the two main characters that made an impression on me. It sometimes seemed like a Shakespearean play that uses fancy words in a subtle dialogue. I never thought a conversation would fascinate me. The wonders of the world are not yet out.

Thoroughbreds is now available to rent or buy via Apple Store, Google Play, YouTube or Playstation.

Peter Pluymers
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