large scale impressionist painting projected on a gallery wall, with visitors silhouetted in front of them

Monet in Paris – art experience

Art meets technology as famous paintings by Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt and many more, are projected on an enormous scale in the new 360-immersive experience, Monet in Paris.

Monet in Paris is a multi-sensory experience celebrating Claude Monet and the world’s most renowned artists of the Impressionist era. It follows on from the successful Van Gogh Alive,  and returns to Northshore Brisbane, this time in a new spectacular Grand Palais, a 250-metre square custom designed super-scaled marquee, designed by Australian theatre designer, Anna Cordingley.

Dozens of framed images projected onto three maroon gallery walls

Visitors are plunged into Monet’s Water Lilies and have the opportunity to dance alongside with Degas’ ballerinas, surrounded in sound from a musical score that evokes memories and imaginings of everything from 19th century bohemian Paris and the lush countryside of France. Themed aromas are even piped into the Palais, to engage even more senses.

The gallery spaces range from 3D installations that make you feel like you’ve strolled through a lush field bursting with flowers, or are searching for a speakeasy, hidden in a tiny backstreet of Montmarte. Photo opportunities abound, while the wide open floor spaces will appeal to even the youngest of visitors, who may prefer to dance along to the soundtrack, or lie on the floor to gaze at the massive works of art projected in super-size around them. Don’t miss the clever virtual portrait experience at the pillars near the entry/exit; to take home a unique (and free!) souvenir of your visit. Le Grande Palais is also equipped with a bar, cafe and gift shop to give you the full gallery experience.

Brisbane is the first city to welcome Monet in Paris, after which a national tour is sure to follow.

Where:          Northshore, Brisbane
When:           Wednesday 7th June to Sunday 6th August, 2023
Bookings:      monetinparis.com.au

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