Honest Thief – movie review

Liam Neeson brings his Taken persona to the lead role in the action-drama Honest Thief. He plays ex-marine, Tom, who went on to become a successful bank robber.

Tom looted 12 small-town institutions of more than $9 million over eight years. But a year ago he stopped – because he met Annie (Katie Walsh), who has become the love of his life. They’re about to buy a house and move in together. Now he wants to come clean in order to pursue the relationship without guilt. Without revealing his past to Annie, Tom places a call to the FBI and attempts to strike a deal with them. But that doesn’t work out the way he expected it to. Before long, Tom and Annie are in the fight of their lives … and there will be casualties.

Pacey and pulsating, Honest Thief kept me involved. While pushing credibility – as these types of movies often do – Steve Allrich and Mark Williams (the latter also directs) have nevertheless crafted an eminently watchable actioner.

The choice of talent to fill the primary roles aids their cause immeasurably. Pros that they are, Liam Neeson and Kate Walsh effortlessly glide through their performances, both coming across as highly likeable. He has charm and street smarts, as required by the character; and she has sass and naïveté. It’s a strong pairing. I was less sold on those tackling the FBI functionaries, but they did enough to get them over the line.

Honest Thief is a film in which the outcome is never in doubt. But it’s a wild ride along the way; which makes this a journey worth taking.

Alex First

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