Cabaret de Paris (touring) – theatre review

A super clown act and an extraordinarily nimble pole dancer are among the highlights of the burlesque-style Cabaret de Paris. It showcases bejewelled dancers in skimpy and elegant attire, headlined by a former star of Paris’s Moulin Rouge, Marissa Burgess.

Best known as the spiritual birthplace of the modern can-can, Moulin Rouge has been a drawcard since the late 19th century. Burgess was its longest serving star (18 years, no less). She’s one of 13 performers who strut their stuff. The show includes more than a touch of glamour, which necessarily means feather boas. The cast includes seven showgirls and three male dancers in a cabaret that’s cheeky and cheery. It was well received by the enthusiastic audience.

The first act starts relatively slowly, but ends with a rousing can-can number performed in glorious red and black costumes. In fact, the costumes are a particular feature of the show (Cathie Costello has done a mighty job as the costume designer). Sequins, rhinestones, feathers, headdresses, bikinis and gowns all part of the visual extravaganza.

Illusionist Michael Boyd appears to cut Elissa Cadwell – who also happens to be a principal dancer – into several pieces, courtesy of a series of metal plates. She of course emerges unscathed. Then he proceeds to suggestively poke rods through her. Yet again she “miraculously” reappears without a scratch.

In the second act, Kim Miller’s pole dancing routine is jaw-dropping. She only took up the discipline six years ago to broaden her skills. She’s competed successfully in competitions at home and abroad. Boy does it show! If only all our bodies were that nimble.

My funny bone was well and truly tickled by my favourite act of the night. Spanish-born entertainer Duban Nickol’s shtick is mighty endearing, but his skills on a trampoline are nothing short of staggering. I’m hesitant to say any more though, because I don’t want to undermine the element of surprise.

Suffice to say, Cabaret de Paris flicks the switch on glitz, glamour, entertainment and amusement. It is playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Perth on Friday, 16 March 2018 at 7.30pm and then again the following day at both 2pm and 7.30pm.

Alex First

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