CLOSED: Win tickets to Palace Encore! at the Barracks (Brisbane only)

– Palace Encore! –

We have 5 double in-season passes thanks to Palace Cinemas.

*(Tickets valid in Australia only)*

Palace Encore! brings you the best in classic & cult cinema around the country, every week.

Encore Screenings at the Palace Barracks Cinema in Brisbane are always 6:45pm on a Monday and 8:30pm on a Friday. You have the choice of classic films – Akira (Sep 25); The Virgin Suicides (Sep 28); Big Trouble In Little China (Oct 2); Alien (Oct 5); The Lost Boys (Oct 9); Mulholland Drive (Oct 12); The Matrix (Oct 16); Angel Heart (Oct 19); Aliens (Oct 23) or Strange Days (Oct 26).

Palace Barracks have introduced a new ongoing regular ticket price. Tickets are now a flat rate of $12 for all adult and concession types, and a flat $11 for all Movie Club Member types. Regular adult tickets used to be $18, so that’s a saving of $6 per ticket! This offer is only valid at Palace Barracks. The Palace Movie Club offers a free tier where you can get ticket discounts, and a premium tier ($11 per year) which adds a free movie ticket + discounts + other special offers. See https://www.palacecinemas.com.au/palace-movie-club/

Palace Cinemas are taking as much care as possible in keeping people safe. New safety procedures include capped cinema capacities and seating allocations that will keep friends and families seated together while still distanced from other groups. Staggered screenings avoid crowding in foyers, and they have hand sanitiser stations and contactless payment. Online booking is also highly encouraged.

For your chance to win a ticket enter your details below and enter Encore, plus the name of the movie you want to see, in the answer section (e.g. Encore Akira).

Entries close 6 p.m. AEST on 18 October 2020

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