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Only in cinemas from 7 September 2023

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Everybody has always loved Jeanne. These days, however, she hates herself.

At 37 years old, Jeanne (Blanche Gardin) was really determined to change the world. She brilliantly developed a self-powered sea cleaning machine but during the ceremonial launch, broadcast live, Jeanne jumped in the water to “save” her huge invention from sinking into the sea. After this widely-televised fiasco, all her investors pulled out and she is about to go bankrupt. Up to her ears
in debt, she has no other choice but to pay back what she owes and reluctantly agrees with her brother to sell the family apartment in Lisbon.

At the airport, she runs into Jean, a whimsical and somewhat intrusive former high school classmate who might just be able to help her love herself again.

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