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– Driving Madeleine –

Only in cinemas from 22 June 2023

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When taxi driver, Charles (Dany Boon) reluctantly takes on an early-morning booking, he begins to regret his decision even more so when a cantankerous old woman, Madeleine (French screen legend, Line Renaud) is waiting begrudgingly at the pickup point. Despite his own personal grievances, Charles begins to realise that his problems are nowhere near as hard-pressing as his client’s. At the age of 92, she must bow to the pressure of family and doctors, waiting to be forced into an assisted living facility. With a day at her disposal, Madeleine intends to drag it out for as long as possible, indulging in her final hours of freedom.

As the journey unfolds, so does the story of Madeleine’s long and eventful life – guiding the audience through her most monumental experiences, from romance to earth-shattering heartbreak.

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