Oracle (Regal Theatre) – theatre review

Photos by Ben Vella

Oracle is an electrifying and sensual mix of circus, burlesque and dance, which showcases the emergence of the 12 zodiac signs, namely how they came to be. It is the brainchild of Bass G. Fam, who has built a reputation for staging visually and physically spectacular shows, including Matador and Mansion. The concept behind Oracle dates back to a calendar that Bass was gifted by his mum when he was 11. At the top of each month was an illustration, which told the story behind each zodiac sign. Bass was fascinated by the world of mythical creatures, monsters and gods.

It is a canvas he has recreated in spectacular form in this production, which features a series of death-defying acts and risqué artistry. Colourful, wild and erotic costuming, thumping music (which includes original numbers, covers and remixes), amped up sound and impressive lighting whip the audience into a frenzy. Patrons continually show their appreciation of the diverse menu presented.

The back story and each scene are narrated by the Oracle (Jazmin Varlet), who also sings up a storm. The 18 on stage are captivating. The acrobatics and aerial skills associated with the acts requires dexterity and precision. The performers certainly know how to excite and they continually succeed in doing so. The action takes place on, around and above the stage. From belly dancing to fire eating and bodies intertwined high off the ground performing dangerous maneuvers, Oracle has no shortage of spectacle. All are great.

My personal favourites were the heavenly twins Reed Kelly and Jack Dawson when they act out the origins of Gemini – brothers with the same mother, but different fathers. Kelly and Dawson used to be part of Cirque du Soleil. Their confidence, poise and precision are remarkable. If you are after jaw dropping moments, this show has an abundance of them. My admiration extends to lead choreographer and assistant director Josephine Magliolo and her choreographic colleagues, Gerard Pigg and Indigo Hunt.

With Oracle, writer, director and producer Bass has given us 100 minutes of “wow” and wonderful. It is playing at the Regal Theatre in Perth until 5th March. Then follows a Sydney season at the Roslyn Packer Theatre from 29th June to 9th July, 2023.

Alex First

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