The Illusion by Dream Machine – music review

Dream Machine is a new band from lo-fi master Matthew Melton (Bare Wires, Warm Soda) and his wife Doris.

You get Melton’s craft of fuzzed up power pop with the late 60’s / early 70’s rock of The Doors, Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly. This mix brings you plenty of organ with lots of riffing guitars.

Taking a time warp in music can be rewarding at times as Dream Machine fully proves the point on their debut. Matthew Melton takes big riffing guitars, organ solos and his wife’s vocals for a new twist on some old rock grooves that feels weirdly fresh in 2017.

Every time the organ moves up the octaves, you get that nostalgic chill and when you combine it with a jam out rocker like “Back To You,” the full air guitar will come out with some very well-timed head bobs.

The back ‘n forth vocals of Doris and Matthew work well as you can picture them as an alternate world Fleetwood Mac, while the pulse of The Illusion never slows. Dream Machine take it to the max here time and time again and is completely wango! The haze never fades nor wears on the listener and honestly only gets more intriguing with every spin. The Illusion is one of the more unique releases we will most likely hear this year and it is another great record in Meltons’ catalogue.

Christopher Anthony
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