Fresh – movie review

A film to put you off eating meat forever, Fresh on Disney+ is a twisted tale of depravity with some humorous moments.

Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) is an attractive, bright everyday young woman who can’t seem to find a decent guy. Her online dating is nothing short of disastrous and her latest dinner companion has been the worst of the lot. Noa constantly confides in her BFF – a former workmate and gym buddy, Mollie (Jono T. Gibbs) – who tries to steer her in the right direction. Then, unexpectedly, Noa meets a charming and handsome doctor Steve (Sebastian Stan) at the supermarket. His smile and easy-going manner win her over and before long they are dating. So, when he suggests they go away together for a few days, she naturally agrees. Mind you, Mollie is suspicious because Steve doesn’t appear to have a social media presence.

And as it turns out, Mollie had every right to be, because everything changes when Noa and Steve arrive at his impressive home, tucked away, in the woods. Steve is one very sick puppy, whose plans for Noa are decidedly unsavoury. And she isn’t the only one who has been caught up in his honey trap. A tortured tale has only just begun.

Penned by Lauryn Kahn and directed by Mimi Cave (her first feature), Fresh will certainly not suit all tastes. Some will find it hard to swallow. If you choose to stream this movie, you’ll appreciate how much fun I can have punning about it.

Hey, for the “out there” picture that it is, I must say I appreciated it. The plot may be sick, but it’s also creative. It takes more than half an hour to move from a romance to a horror, which is also when the first credits appear. Don’t try too hard to find plot holes, just strap yourselves in for a wild ride.

I liked the two leads. Edgar-Jones brings a down to earth quality to her role, while Stan adopts the persona of a calm psychopath quite used to being in control. The contrasting settings and mood music work well to build tension.

Not surprisingly, before the final credits, writer Lauryn Kahn and director Mimi Cave throw the kitchen sink at Fresh. With shocks aplenty, the film delivers thrills and spills. If you don’t mind a carve up, it might just be worth tucking in.

Fresh is streaming now on Disney+

Alex First


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