Crush: stories about love – book review

I love the cover of this book … and inside does not disappoint. Crush, an anthology from MidnightSun Publishing, is a clever and diverse collection of stories showing people falling in love or lust, that pushes the romance genre out of the meet-cute, happy-ending boundaries. Simone Corletto, Amy T. Matthews, Jess M. Miller and Lynette Washington compiled and edited the collection.

Here’s the blurb:

Bursting with affection, wit, loss, sex and a whole lot of love, the authors in this collection face the burning beauty of love and write of both the blaze and the ashes left behind. Crush will quicken the pulses of cynics and believers alike as it reimagines everything that makes the heart leap.

From subtle to in-your-face, each of the stories shows that love has no limits – and neither does writing. Among the standouts were ‘Small World’ by Rebecca Handler and ‘The Horses’ by Rowena Edwards. If you like stories exploring the notion of, and feelings of, love, this collection is worth a look, and co-editor Simone Corletto’s guest post on diversity in romance is also worth a read.

Crush is published by MidnightSun Publishing. You can get the book in print and e-book on the MidnightSun Publishing website, as well as at all good bookshops. Click here to buy.

Monique Mulligan
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