World's Strongest Man (Gaz Coombes) - music review
Britain’s Supergrass ran their course in the 90’s and 00’s. They were popular throughout the UK and Europe, but never quite got the attention they deserved elsewhere.
Killing Eve (ABC) - home entertainment review
I'm a sucker for a good spy drama - and Killing Eve is an exceptional spy drama. This BBC production (available here on the ABC) is a taut psychological thriller as you might
The Antipodes (Red Stitch) - theatre review
A group of writers sit around a boardroom table trying to come up with a compelling story in Annie Baker’s latest play, The Antipodes, now showing at Red Stitch in Melbourne.

Best F(r)iends: Volume One - movie review
Fifteen years ago Tommy Wiseau showed the world he couldn’t write, act or direct by dishing up the simply horrible The Room. Mind you, he had the last laugh. His putrid offering
Permission to Spin (Old Fitz) - theatre review
Well, the last Mary Rachel Brown play I saw in Sydney was Silent Night for the Darlinghurst Theatre Company late last year. It was a disaster. Approaching another evening
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