An Enemy of the People (Belvoir) - theatre review
Melbourne writer Melissa Reeves has adapted Henrik Ibsen's 1882 play, An Enemy of the People. It has been transposed and adapted to contemporary Australian times: 2018.
Don Giovanni (Opera Qld) - theatre review
Lindy Hume’s darkly delicious production of the Mozart masterpiece Don Giovanni has “hit” written all over it. From the stirring opening overture to the amazing finale, with fifty-odd
Donbass - movie review
If you're not familiar with Ukrainian politics, you'll be at a decided disadvantage when you see Donbass. While you may get the gist of it, I dare say much of the nuance would be lost unless you
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1% - movie review
Motorcycles, intimidation and sex feature in the new Australian biker movie 1%. In short, everything is about a power game.

1% is a modern-day Macbeth. It follows Paddo (Ryan Corr), 2IC of the Copperheads
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