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In a diamond mine in northern Canada that operates under an ongoing threat of combustible methane gas, a spark ignites causing an explosion, leaving a group of miners (HOLT McCALLANY and MARTIN SENSMEIR) trapped underground with only thirty-six hours of oxygen left. Ice road veteran Mike McCann (LIAM NEESON), along with his younger brother Gurty (MARCUS THOMAS), a gifted mechanic though impacted by aphasia from a war injury, join a hastily assembled team of skilled ice road drivers (LAURENCE FISHBURNE and AMBER MIDTHUNDER) who embark on a dangerous rescue mission. Their job is to drive across an ocean of thin ice in eighteen-wheeler trucks to deliver lifesaving drilling wellheads to the mine before the oxygen runs out on the trapped miners. Unbeknownst to the team, the operators of the mine plant a rogue assassin (BENJAMIN WALKER) amongst the rescue drivers in order to sabotage the mission and keep the miners from escaping and revealing the truth – that the company had long conspired to let the mine run unsafely to increase profits while intentionally ignoring the lethal methane levels and directly causing the catastrophic explosion. Mike and the team are forced to conquer stalled engines, cracking ice, violent pressure waves, deadly explosions, entire big rig trucks falling into the dark frozen waters, white-outs, an avalanche, and the death of their operation leader, all of which culminates in an epic showdown between Mike and the assassin, who seeks to bury them all beneath Lake Winnipeg. Finally defeating the assassin, Mike and the team deliver the wellheads just as the miners are on their last litres of oxygen, and the mine operators are exposed for their crimes.

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