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Bullied for his intelligence and struggling to fit in at school, Danny is a 15-year-old genius that is always coming up with crazy inventions. When he is unexpectedly offered a scholarship to Cranston Academy, a secret, prestigious boarding school for geniuses, Danny views it as a place where his intelligence will be recognised and where he will have a chance to finally fit in. However, a school full of geniuses can make things quite competitive – getting a 99% is considered a fail! In his quest to prove his intelligence amongst his peers, Danny inadvertently opens a portal to another dimension and unleashes a slew of monsters on the school – giant flying eyeballs, two-headed dogs and a slimy pink tentacle to name a few!

Together with his roommate Liz, and a half-moth, half-man professor aptly nicknamed Mothman, Danny must overcome the demons of the 5th dimension and those that lurk inside him in order to save the school.

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In Cranston Academy, the lead role of Danny is voiced by Jamie Bell. The actor recently played Bernie Taupin to Taron Egerton’s Elton John in which 2019 film directed by Dexter Fletcher?

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