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– Cinderella and the Little Sorcerer –

Only in cinemas from 21 April 2022

We have 5 family (4 people) in-season passes thanks to Rialto Distribution.

*(Tickets valid in Australia only)*
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Cinderella and the little Sorcerer follows an incredible story of friendship, self-sacrifice, love and determination. Ella and her friends, including Crystal, an apprentice magician, embark on a life-changing journey to extract a magical stone that can turn their friend Prince Alex, trapped in the body of a mouse, back into human form. Their journey is filled with danger, along with unexpected ups and downs that will put their friendship to the test. However, as they try to find a cure for Alex, they will come to realise that selflessness, love for friends and willingness to sacrifice your own best interest for that of others, is the best cure from the ugliness of the world.

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