Mommy (Be Your Own Pet) – music review

Be Your Own Pet has a solid history of delivering a wild and unapologetic ride through the chaotic realm of garage punk and indie rock. Mommy marks the band’s first LP in 15+ years and was written and recorded by the three founding members Jemina Pearl Abegg (vox), Jonas Stein (guitar), Nathan Vasquez (bass), and longtime drummer John Eatherly. Mommy not only maintains their signature raucous energy but also demonstrates a refined sound that embraces maturity and introspection.

From the very instant the first track kicks in, it’s abundantly clear that Be Your Own Pet hasn’t relinquished their fervor. “Worship The Whip” launches the album with an eruption of raw guitar riffs, pounding drums, and Jemina Pearl’s distinctive vocals. Her delivery is a blend of ferocity and vulnerability, addressing the earlier band years with a now confident and “take no nonsense” adult attitude that characterizes a significant portion of the album’s lyrical content.

Lyrically, Mommy tells Be Your Own Pet’s truths, as they take back the power from a historical situation where they felt powerless. Especially from Pearl’s perspective as she sings “I’m not your victim, I’m my own person/ I’m not some casualty, I set myself free,” on “Hand Grenade.” These lyrics work well in your face as they are backed up by ripping guitars from Stein and roaring rhythms from Vasquez and Eatherly. You also can’t deny that other standout tracks like, “Goodtime!” and “Big Trouble” displays the band’s ability to craft infectious hooks and memorable choruses. Its hitting power rhythms, and at times hard rock vibes, make Mommy an anthem for the importance of standing up for yourself.

Mommy is a worthy return for Be Your Own Pet, showcasing growth in both musicianship and lyrical depth. It doesn’t shy away from tackling the messiness of past situations while offering a cathartic release of energy. While the album might not be in everyone’s listening wheelhouse with its unapologetic style, those who enjoy an unbridled, in-your-face blend of punk and indie rock will find much to appreciate in this electrifying LP.

Thomas Wilde
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