Electricolorized (Penza Penza) – music review

Electricolorized, the third installment from the enigmatic instrumental powerhouse Penza Penza, featuring Estonian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Misha Panfilov, is an earworm-filled journey that defies easy categorization. This album serves as a testament to an artist who effortlessly blends genres, creating a unique and captivating musical experience. Penza Penza now stretches their funky jazz psych music here and pushes their own limits, allowing the listener to plunge into a musical odyssey guided by the band’s unparalleled musical prowess. Panfilov’s skill as a producer and the collective synergy of the group shine through, creating an album that is not only experimental but also remarkably coherent.

From the opening notes of the first track, “Deep Dive,” it becomes evident that Penza Penza is not interested in adhering to any traditional genre. The track weaves through a tapestry of layered sounds with a catchy shuffle-hustle beat that draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences. Elements of electronic, indie, and experimental music collide with psych/funk/jazz undertones, creating a rich and immersive listening experience as the track builds and gets louder before its fade-out. “Color My Coffee” keeps the feet tapping with its repetitive funk groove as it cycles through different instruments and builds its intensity with a focus on their own mini improv jam sessions.

One of the standout features of Electricolorized is Penza Penza’s meticulous attention to detail in crafting each track. The production from Panfilov is intricate, with layers of instrumentation and subtle nuances that reveal themselves upon repeated listens. This is highlighted on “Der Himmel Über Kakumäe” as the song completely changes into a more spaced-out swirl two-thirds into the track. This level of sonic craftsmanship adds depth to the album, inviting listeners to explore its intricacies and discover new elements with each play-through. Electricolorized showcases an emotive and dynamic range in the compositions that speaks volumes, offering a space for introspection and emotional resonance, especially on the last two tracks that are over 7 minutes long.

Electricolorized is a bold and ambitious third release that showcases the continued artistic mastery of Penza Penza. With its genre-defying sound, meticulous production, and instrumental virtuosity, this album is a testament to the band’s commitment to innovation and creative expression. For those willing to embark on a musical journey that challenges conventions, Electricolorized is a compelling and rewarding listen that transcends the boundaries of instrumental music.

Christopher Anthony
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