Knock at the Cabin – movie review

In M. Night Shyamalan’s intriguing psychological thriller, Knock at the Cabin,  Kristen Cui plays eight-year-old Wen – a bright young girl who collects grasshoppers so she can study them. She’s special because she was adopted by her two dads – Andrew (Ben Aldridge) and Eric (Jonathan Groff) – when she was only a baby. Now…

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My Spy – movie review

What started out as cringe-worthy fare became anything but as laughter, hijinks and a cute and savvy youngster’s performance took over and carried the day. Written by Erich and Jon Hoeber (who together wrote RED) and directed by Peter Segal (Second Act), it became a most enjoyable spy spoof. A lot has to do with…

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Stuber – movie review

Stuber is another variant on the buddy-cop formula that was popular in the 80s and 90s. However, films like Lethal Weapon, Midnight Run and 48 Hours did this sort of thing much better. It’s LA’s hottest day since 1911. Vic Manning (played by former wrestler Dave Bautista) is a tough and perennially angry LA cop…

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